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HUBER+SUHNER launched the most innovative cabling system for remote radio installation: MASTERLINE Ultimate. The pre-connectorised factory-sealed fiber optic systems supports up to 12 RRHs and connects the remote radios with easy-to-install Q-ODC fiber optic jumpers.

The robust connector head with an integrated pulling eye allow for easy cable lifting without the need for hoisting grips. The encapsulated connector head can be directly attached to the mast with a single «click» at a pre-mounted adaptor plate.

These unique features make MASTERLINE Ultimate the best-in-class product in terms of ease of top mast installation, installation robustness and efficiency.

  •     Pre-assembled factory-sealed «plug & play» cabling system for up to 12 RRHs
  •     Robust connector head with 6 or 12 Q-ODC sockets
  •     Connects the RRH with easy-to-install Q-ODC fiber optic jumpers
  •     Integrated pulling eye for easy cable lifting