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Antennas that make your radio look good

Radio manufacturers and mobile operators around the globe appreciate the small size and unobtrusive appearance of SENCITY® Matrix antennas. The small form factor antennas are designed to minimize visual impact of mm-wave radios and allow better integration into urban environments while delivering excellent electrical performance.

  • Highly directional antennas for 60 and 70 / 80 GHz applications
  • The ideal choice for small cell, fronthaul and traditional backhaul systems
  • The world’s thinnest and lowest weight high gain mm-antennas

Low visual impact — high data traffic

Commentators expect the volume of wireless data to increase significantly year by year. This brings the challenge of providing enormous data capacities while meeting customer expectations for service quality and operator requirements for cost-effective service delivery.

For mobile operators, improving user experience in the home, office and in public spaces is essential. As mobile data traffic levels continue to rise, urban deployments are increasingly being seen as a vital component of a modern heterogeneous network. Unobtrusive, cost-efficient wireless backhaul solutions are therefore essential.

The small size of SENCITY® Matrix antennas allows operators to access rooftop, wall and street-level sites that were often not viable for traditional parabolic antenna systems due to technical, environmental or planning restrictions. The “community-friendly” design smartly addresses aesthetic concerns for urban deployments.

Six ways in which SENCITY®Matrix antennas improve TCO

Site acquisition made easy.
The majority of mobile operators identify site acquisition as the main deployment challenge. Unobtrusive equipment with embedded flat-panel antennas greatly facilitates site acquisition and the associated network planning.

Reduced installation time.
Installation time is critical when deploying backhaul networks. Radios with integrated antennas render antenna assembly in the field obsolete.

Simplified logistics.
Flat antennas are small, lightweight and easier to ship than conventional antennas.
With the antenna integrated into the radio as a one-box solution, logistics are further
simplified, cutting costs by almost a factor of two.

Quick radio alignment.
The bore sight gain of SENCITY®Matrix antennas inherently coincides with the normal axis of the radiator. This enables the usage of optical alignment techniques (e.g. camera, laser) for quick and easy radio alignment.

Reduced tower rent.
Tower rent is a fundamental contributor to total cost of ownership. Typically, tower rents are calculated based on the weight, size and wind-load of the installed equipment. These cost factors are significantly improved with SENCITY® Matrix antennas.

Revolutionary radio design.
The small size and flatness of SENCITY®Matrix antennas facilitate their integration into radios and provide maximum freedom for the mechanical design team.

SENCITY®Matrix antenna portfolio

Radio manufacturers and mobile operators around the globe appreciate the small size and unobtrusive appearance of SENCITY® Matrix antennas. HUBER+SUHNER offers a range of standalone, dedicated and integrated antennas. The product line covers both E-Band (70/80 GHz) and V-Band (60 GHz) applications.


Standalone and dedicated antennas The perfect product for macrocell backhauling.
  • Compliant with ETSI Class 2 sidelobe suppression requirements
  • Unobtrusive design, low profile (e.g. 43 dBi E-band: 280 x 280 x 34 mm)
  • Standard waveguide interface
  • Tested to meet ETSI EN 300 019-2-4 T4.1E environmental standard
  • IPx8 rated

Integrated antennas The perfect antenna for smallcell backhauling.
  • Compliant with ETSI Class 2 sidelobe suppression requirements
  • For entirely individual radio designs
  • No external interface between radio and antenna
  • Makes antenna field assembly redundant
  • Lowest weight, smallest size (e.g. 38 dBi E-band: 102 × 106 × 8 mm, 80 g)


Antennas Gain Frequency range Order information
V-Band antenna without housing 38 dBi 57–66 GHz 1360.99.0013
E-Band antenna without housing 38 dBi 71–76, 81–86 GHz 1378.99.0001
E-Band antenna in housing 38 dBi 71–76, 81–86 GHz 1378.99.0005 / 1378.99.0006
E-Band antenna in housing 43 dBi 71–76, 81–86 GHz 1378.99.0002
Measurement adaptors Matches with Order information
Antenna interface to UG 385/U 1360.99.0013 73_Z-0-0-1022
Antenna interface to UG 387/U 1378.99.0001 73_Z-0-0-1023

Getting started
Contact our international engineering team for pricing or any other question you might have. HUBER+SUHNER offer a wide range of innovative solutions for remote radio heads and wireless backhaul systems.