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Buses upgraded for 4G/LTE using new SENCITY Road MIMO antennas

HUBER+SUHNER has continued to develop the SENCITY® Road antenna family and now offers two models featuring MIMO technology. This new solution enables system integrators and OEMs to upgrade their vehicles to the 4G/LTE standard with minimal installation effort.

Buses upgraded for 4G/LTE using new SENCITY Road MIMO antennas

Maximum data rates with minimum installation effort
Operators who use hotspots at bus stops or in the depot to access Wi-Fi technology will be able to deploy the Wi-Fi MIMO version of the new product in future, whereas operators using the existing mobile communication network will be able to deploy the mobile communication version of the MIMO antenna.

The new SENCITY® Road MIMO can achieve a far higher data rate than a standard antenna. It thus supports applications with very high data rates, such as passenger information systems, passenger monitoring or Internet on board.

Customers who have already installed the proven SENCITY® Road antenna benefit from a clever solution: existing antennas can be replaced by the new antennas with minimal effort thanks to the use of the same mounting scheme. This allows system integrators to upgrade their vehicles to MIMO technology quickly and easily.

Robust design – excellent product features
Like the previous model, the new SENCITY® Road MIMO antenna is characterised by its extremely robust design and outstanding features. It meets the demanding environmental requirements of ISO 16750 and is CE and E certified. Since it does not need a metal ground plane, the antenna supports many different applications.

The new antenna can be purchased as a kit with customized RF cable assemblies from HUBER+SUHNER. HUBER+SUHNER application engineers are on hand to help customers worldwide select the right product and mounting position for the antenna, thus ensuring successful deployment of the HUBER+SUHNER products.

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