About us

Our leadership principles

Our common leadership principles are our set of guiding beliefs to lead teams towards success. How well an organisation and its business performs is directly related to how effectively leaders inspire, empower and enable people to contribute their best.

Our leadership principles are fundamental to succeed in an continuously evolving business environment. They matter to all employees as everybody can take the lead in a specific situation, time period or area of responsibility.

The leader's role at HUBER+SUHNER covers two key aspects



Leaders strive to unlock the full potential of every single team member. To get there they empower people to perform their best and provide room to develop. Therefore, it is key to know your people and what skills are needed today and beyond.



Leaders ensure that their team members know where and why a path is chosen. They adjust the course if conditions change and ensure timely decisions are taken considering the long-term impact. Therefore, it is key to be in touch with people and the business environment.

Our five guiding principles reflect how we understand leadership at HUBER+SUHNER