About us

Our purpose and culture

Our ambition is to be a player that positively contributes to global issues with our often-invisible products that, despite their size, ensure highest precision and connectivity. Connecting – today and beyond guides our way of acting as a valued partner to our stakeholders. Looking back over the past years, we are pleased with what we have achieved so far in terms of cultural change - the base to achieve our vision.

Our purpose We help customers bring people closer together is our guiding north star. Considering the social and environmental impact, we fully embrace the approach to go far beyond purely selling products or solutions. We strive to create a workplace where employees can make an impact and experience how meaningful it is what they do.

By bringing our values to life and considering them in every business decision that needs to be taken, we aim to create a culture where every team member is inspired to live those values from day-to-day.

Our values promote entrepreneurial spirit and are based on respect for people.