LANline Tech Forum 2023
LANline Tech Forum 2023
LANline Tech Forum: Focuses - Cabling, Networks and Infrastructure! 
26/9/2023 - 27/9/2023

Report misconduct

As laid out in our Code of Responsible Business Conduct, HUBER+SUHNER is committed to conduct business responsibly. This means that we live up to our values and leadership principles, adhere to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, are reliable and honest towards all our stakeholders, care for the health, safety and well-being of our employees, and get involved and contribute to the development of our neighbouring communities globally. This commitment was extended to our entire supply chain with the implementation of
our Supplier Code of Conduct in 2022. 

We want to offer external stakeholders the possibility to report any non-compliant or non-ethical behaviour that might violate the HUBER+SUHNER Code of Responsible Business Conduct or the HUBER+SUHNER Supplier Code of Conduct or any underlying business or ethics principles. 

Through the independent and secure SpeakUp platform that is accessible around the clock in several languages, online or by phone, any person may report any misconduct anonymously. Please also see the “HUBER+SUHNER SpeakUp Guidelines for External Stakeholders” for further details. 

SpeakUp is operated by the third-party provider “People Intouch”, an independent Dutch company. Please select the applicable URL or toll-free telephone number from the table below. 


Land Phone Access Webservice-URL
AUSTRALIA 1800452051
AUSTRIA 0800-295175
BELGIUM 0800-71365
BRAZIL 08008919678
CHINA 4009901434
If you are calling with provider Unicom:
If you are calling with provider Telecom (landline only):
CHINA (HONG KONG) 800963161
CHINA (TAIWAN) 00801444317
COSTA RICA 08000440029
CZECH REPUBLIC 800 900 538
DENMARK 80885638
FINLAND 08001-13031
FRANCE 0800-908810
GERMANY 0800-1801733
INDIA 0008004401221
ITALY 800-787639
KOREA (SOUTH) 007984424261
LUXEMBOURG 800-21048
MALAYSIA 1-800-88-4307
MEXICO 8001234618
NETHERLANDS 0800 0222931
POLAND 008004411739
SPAIN 900-973174
SWEDEN 020-798813
SWITZERLAND 0800-561422
TUNISIA 0021631365959
TURKEY 00800 448824369
UNITED KINGDOM 0800-1693502
UNITED STATES 1-866-2506706