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HUBER+SUHNER creates attractive working conditions for women, parents and employees aged over 50 years

Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR

For years, HUBER+SUHNER has been actively engaged in the education and ongoing development of its employees. Acknowledging that in the future there will be a shortage of specialists the company goes a step further and is launching even more attractive working conditions for today’s and future employees. The offering goes clearly beyond the usual standard of the Swiss industry and places a special focus on the target groups women, parents and employees aged over 50 years.

The future challenges of our society are well known: Declining birth rates and the increasing average age of our society will lead to a growing lack of specialists in Switzerland. The new initiative Talent@HUBER+SUHNER is a response to this issue. The company creates conditions to enable as many employees as possible to stay active in their professional life – whether woman or man, younger or older.

Reconciling Career & Family
The Career & Family initiative supports employees to better live up to their responsibility as parents and as professionals. Furthermore, the company specifically fosters women in technical professions and also raises their interest in taking a leadership role. In particular, this includes flexible working models such as part time (also in leadership functions), job sharing, a more flexible scheduling of the weekly working time or home office. Women in technical professions and management positions will be fostered through individual coaching/mentoring, special events and networks.

Apart from a paid maternity leave of 16 weeks, mothers are also entitled to an unpaid extension to up to six months. Fathers will benefit from the new initiative as well: Apart from a paid day off at birth, they will receive another 10 days of paid paternity leave. Furthermore, mothers and fathers will receive generous fixed contributions for external child care.

Specific offerings for older employees
The 50+ initiative focuses on preserving the health and further professional development until the ordinary retirement and beyond. HUBER+SUHNER wants to keep the expertise of employees in the company as long as possible and wants to ensure that their valuable know-how will be passed on to younger employees.

The offering for older employees includes timely and regular assessments of the personal situation with their manager and respective HR business partner. Moreover, trainings, speeches and information events will be held, in line with the specific needs of employees aged 50 and older. Multiple paid health checks at the doctor will be offered along with flexible working conditions and part-time which will be fostered until the ordinary retirement age and beyond. An active education, ongoing training, sabbaticals and the possibility of international assignments are further elements of the 50+ initiative.

Patricia Stolz, CHRO at HUBER+SUHNER: „ In the future, we will continue to count on employees that work with passion for our common goals. I am pleased that we proactively address important societal challenges. Our approach clearly goes beyond the usual standards in the Swiss industry. We want to stay a future oriented, attractive and in all areas innovative employer for motivated employees. This initiative will make a contribution.“

Karin Freyenmuth
Leiterin Corporate Communication

+41 44 952 25 60

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