ECOC Exhibition 2020 - Virtual Event
ECOC Exhibition 2020 - Virtual Event
From 7-9 December, the ECOC Exhibition will be the key meeting place for everyone in the fiber optic communication technology industry, attracting over 6,500 decision-makers from across the industry.

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7/12/2020 - 9/12/2020
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HUBER+SUHNER streamline passenger experience with launch of 5 Port railway roof top antenna

The antenna, available now, is ideal for operators and rolling stock manufacturers looking to meet digital transformation needs.

Leading international manufacturer of components and system solutions for optical and electrical connectivity, HUBER+SUHNER, has announced the launch of its new railway roof top antenna to combat data bandwidth issues, the SENCITY® Rail MIMO 5 Port.

With consumer needs for on-board connectivity changing the landscape of rail across the world, HUBER+SUHNER has developed the five port antenna to aid passenger experience and enable them to work, play and communicate seamlessly. The offering also benefits operators, allowing them to boost their data transmission by using fewer antennas, while also enhancing the flexibility of installation with a configurable setting.

“Operators can often feel the pinch when it comes to installing data transmission tools on-board railways. They must invest in solutions that are future-proof, low weight, space-saving and do not need to be ripped out every three years with the launch of each successive cellular generation. Our SENCITY Rail MIMO 5 Port combats all of these issues head on,” said Daniel Montagnese, Product Manager, Antennas at HUBER+SUHNER.

With low installation costs, the advantage of five ports mean that less antennas are needed, crucially saving space and allowing the operator to save on installation costs. Designed for 2G/3G/4G cellular applications, the antenna meets the EN 50155 railway standards, is fire retardant and works on non-metallic surfaces. Able to operate in temperatures of between -40 and 85°C, the antenna is fit for the harsh railway environment.

Additional features include the fact that it is protected against high voltage and high currents; has a common mounting scheme which allows for easy antenna upgrade and is also embedded with GPS-LNA to save extra installation effort.

“Digital transformation is among us, with train companies already collaborating to design, phase and realise the benefits of the connected railway. The high scale performance of the antenna will allow consumers to have an improved mobile experience, along with having a faster, more comfortable journey. There is a strong market need for our solutions and we look forward to seeing new digital rail technology realised with the help of HUBER+SUHNER,” added Montagnese.

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