DesignCon 2020
DesignCon 2020
Precision, reliability and repeatability are key characteristics for connectivity products in the test and measurement industry. New emerging applications are continuously pushing the technological boundaries of interconnect test solutions in terms of speed, bandwidth, density and performance.
28/1/2020 - 30/1/2020
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Company Media News

HUBER+SUHNER achieves solid annual result despite a difficult environment

5.6 % net sales decrease in Swiss francs – EBIT margin at the upper end of the announced target range of 6–7.5 % – net income significantly reduced due to currency impacts – measures for cushioning the negative currency impacts are showing effect – high free operating cash flow – Fiber Optics with a new net sales record

HUBER+SUHNER: Shareholder-friendly dividend policy and appointment of CEO successor

At yesterday’s meeting, the Board of Directors of the HUBER+SUHNER Group adopted a new, very shareholder-friendly dividend policy. It also nominated the head of the division Fiber Optics, Urs Ryffel, as CEO of the HUBER+SUHNER Group as of 1 April 2017. As previously announced, the proposal will at the same time be made to the Annual General Meeting to elect the long-standing CEO and delegate of the Board of Directors, Urs Kaufmann, as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

HUBER+SUHNER joins the Consortium for On-board optics (COBO)

HUBER+SUHNER joins the Consortium for On-board optics (COBO)

HUBER+SUHNER – Net sales calculated at constant exchange rates almost at previous year’s level

During the 2015 fiscal year, HUBER+SUHNER achieved net sales of CHF 706 million, which represents a 6% decrease compared to the previous year. At constant exchange rates, the difference compared to the previous year is only approximately -2%, while organically (in local currency, without copper effect and portfolio effect neutralised) it is approximately -6%. The company’s order intake of CHF 703 million decreased by 9% in Swiss francs. Following the “Swiss franc shock” and thanks to rapidly introduced measures, the business situation stabilised throughout the year. HUBER+SUHNER has started the 2016 fiscal year in a solid position.

HUBER+SUHNER: Return to 40-hour week from March 2016

HUBER+SUHNER: Decisions of the Board of Directors

Two important resolutions were passed today at the meeting of the Board of Directors of HUBER+SUHNER. The Board of Directors proposes that Jörg Walther be elected as a new Board Member in place of Dr. Peter Altorfer, who will not stand for re-election at the Annual General Meeting in April 2016. As a result of a further resolution, the company will part with the last non-strategic business unit, the Composites division in Fehraltorf.

Rohde & Schwarz intensifies cooperation with HUBER+SUHNER

The Rohde & Schwarz electronics group has signed a comprehensive global procurement agreement with HUBER+SUHNER AG, a leading global manufacturer of connectivity solutions for radio frequency, fiber optics and low frequency technologies.

HUBER+SUHNER: Award for sustainable environmental management

At this year's CDP climate change reporting, HUBER+SUHNER was acknowledged as a "sector leader" in the field of industry. This award underlines the company's commitment to sustainable processes in all areas.

HUBER+SUHNER: Business volume remains stable at the level of the first half-year 2015

HUBER+SUHNER: Net sales in the first half year slightly below previous year – profitability suffers due to the Swiss franc appreciation

Despite the strong appreciation of the Swiss franc, net sales of HUBER+SUHNER was only reduced by 2.9 % to CHF 356.1 million. The order intake of CHF 356.3 million (-12.9 %) fell significantly compared to the same period in the previous year, but stabilised at the level of the second half year 2014. At 6.5 %, HUBER+SUHNER achieved an EBIT margin within the announced target range of 6-7.5 %. Net income fell to CHF 6.1 million due to non-cash-related, balance-sheet-based currency losses of CHF 12.8 million. The division Fiber Optics posted an excellent result: With an increase of 20.7 %, net sales rose to a new record level. Cube Optics, which was acquired in October last year, developed very dynamically.

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