Timing synchronisation

Timing synchronisation with GNSS & Power-over-Fiber

Benefit from the fiber-based GNSS & Power-over-Fiber solution

Global navigation satellite system (GNSS) enables precise time synchronisation based on position signals from satellites equipped with atomic clocks, whose exact precision serves as a unique reference time in every corner of the globe. As internal or local clocks may experience deviations or latency, global standardization of time is essential to ensure consistent and synchronised communication across all spectrums of global trade and accurate coordination of actions across different sectors and regions. 

Due to increasing data volumes and transmission speeds, the requirements for time synchronisation in data centers are also growing. Coordinating data streams in a network requires very low latency and precise timing. Also mobile communication coverage – for example at large event venues and for distributed antenna systems (DAS) – need good synchronisation. The new HUBER+SUHNER GNSS-over-Fiber solution not only offers the transmission of accurate timing information from satellite GPS signals, but also enables the power supply of the active antenna via fiber

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Precise time synchronisation in your data center

Precise time synchronisation is crucial in many areas of commerce, industry, banking and broadcasting. The GNSS Power-over-Fiber solution guarantees reliable time data transmission for all data center operators who require precise reference times from satellite-based atomic clocks. In addition to the simple installation and the fact that no separate power supply is required, the existing fiber optic infrastructure of both the building and the data center can be used. Another advantage of optical signal transmission is its long service life, even in extreme weather conditions. The performance is not affected and no costly maintenance work is required.

Thanks to the latest fiber optic technology, distances of several kilometers between the RF source and the receiver system are possible. Delay times are minimal. This enables separate antenna positions to ensure additional security and redundancy.

Your advantages

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Precise time data

Atomic clock-based satellite position signals for precise time synchronisation. 

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Flexible and efficient

The all-in-one solution simplifies the installation process and reduces the need for multiple GNSS antennas. 

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Power supply via fiber

The required power is supplied directly via the optical fiber. This eliminates the need for a separate power connection.

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Use your in-house structure

GNSS & Power-over-Fiber can be integrated into the inhouse fiber optic network and offers virtually loss-free and latency free data transmission over long distances.

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Security and remote monitoring

Optical signals mean a high degree of protection against eavesdropping and spoofing attacks. Thanks to remote maintenance, malfunctions can be quickly detected and rectified.

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Save costs

No power cables, no lightning protection, no approval process, reduced maintenance work. Roof installation is simplified and additional diffusers are unnecessary. 

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