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As a railway company or train manufacturer, you oversee the safety and efficiency of the rail network and its rolling stock. This includes maintaining and expanding the rail network, as well as building and retrofitting rail vehicles.  


Our market-leading connectivity solutions for rolling stock and trackside have been specifically developed to meet the unique requirements of the railway industry. Our solutions for data and power transmission via copper, fiber optic or radio frequency, are reliable, sustainable, durable, and future proof. Moreover, they are space-saving and lightweight, keeping operating costs down and the environmental impact low


Our broad range of onboard connectivity systems and trackside connectivity equipment are based on three technologies: Low Frequency (LF), Radio Frequency (RF) and Fiber Optics (FO) and comply with global railway standards. Our vast expertise and experience in the global railway market enables us to undertake highly complex projects across the boundaries of individual disciplines. 


We are here to provide the solutions that suit your needs. 

Railway solutions:

Railway cable systems
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On-board fiber optic connectivity
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On-board radio frequency connectivity
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Trackside Radio Frequency Connectivity
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Wire & cables
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