RADOX® GKW EN Cables: Setting the standard for greener, optimised railway cables

Written by 

Bruno Tschirky

Senior Product Manager Railway Wire & Cable

HUBER+SUHNER is committed to sustainability and has made this an important part of our business strategy. This includes taking sustainability requirements into account when developing innovative solutions like our new railway cable family, the RADOX 4 GKW-AX EN50264-3-1 1800V M.

Rail services already require less energy when transporting goods and commuters than road-based systems, but as governments and rail institutions across the globe continue to implement targets for environmentally-friendly travel, it is clear that more can still be done.  

If operators are to convince people to use trains in favour of other modes of transport, then the services offered must be climate conscious while operating at a strong capacity. They must also adhere to the latest standards found within the industry. As a result, solutions capable of establishing greener services while enhancing performance are in high demand. 

Meeting stringent standards
Steps are already being taken to greatly reduce COoutput across the industry. HUBER+SUHNER combines the European EN50264 standard with the advantages of the 4 GKW-AX thin wall technology.

The European EN50264 standard was created to cover general requirements applicable to railway cables, including detailed requirements for insulating and sheathing materials. Adhering to this standard ensures train operators play their part in reducing potential damage done to the environment, while offering a safer service to commuters. 

To overcome the increasing market need for the reduction of COfrom cables, HUBER+SUHNER has developed a new solution, the RADOX 4 GKW-AX EN50264-3-1 1800V M. With a reduced weight and minimised dimensions, the cables - which form part of the RADOX® product line - have been designed to replace the previous RADOX 4 GKW-AX 1800V M and EN50264-3-1 1800V M. 

The RADOX high-performance compounds that make up the RADOX 4 GKW-AX EN50264-3-1 1800V M ensure that HUBER+SUHNER are able to fulfil the demanding requirements outlined by the EN 50264 standard. The cables include a tinned copper conductor with class 5, halogen-free RADOX® electron-beam cross-linked insulations.  

Environmentally-friendly services
Designed specifically for railway rolling stock as fixed wiring, or in situations where limited flexing in operation can be encountered, the new cable family combines the benefits of previous HUBER+SUHNER solutions, with a greater focus on both sustainability and safety.  

The 1800V power cables have been extensively tested and validated to ensure special fire performance and provide operators with a halogen free and flame-retardant solution. The RADOX 4 GKW-AX EN50264-3-1 cable family builds on previous solutions to offer extra oil and fuel resistance required to ensure the product is capable of overcoming any environmental factors that could interfere with operations. This also includes excellent resistance to extreme and fluctuating temperatures, as well as ozone and weathering, for optimal performance in the harshest conditions. In addition, the cables have an improved flexibility and are easier to strip. 

HUBER+SUHNER has now made the best cable on the market even better. Utilising the RADOX 4 GKW-AX EN50264-3-1 1800V M family enables operators to establish environmentally-friendly services without having to compromise on performance.  

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RADOX® 4 GKW-AX EN50264-3-1 1800V M: 1800V single core power and control cable meeting special fire performance needs. RADOX® high performance compounds ensure that HUBER+SUHNER are able to fulfil the demanding requirements of the EN 50264 standards (material level: M). All cables have a tinned copper conductor in accordance with EN 60288, class 5, halogen free and electron beam crosslinked insulation. They are for use in railway rolling stock as fixed wiring or wiring where limited flexing in operation is encountered.