4G/LTE: Cable assemblies for Zurich Central Station

Written by 

Antonio Sequeira

Vice President Market Manager Railway

The new cross-city link runs from Zurich Altstetten to Oerlikon, passing through Zurich Central Station. It speeds up the travel time between Western and Eastern Switzerland and creates new direct connections. HUBER+SUHNER was also involved in this successful project with the supply of LISCA cable assemblies for the antennas on the platform at Zurich Central Station.

It was all ready by 14 June 2014. The first section of the cross-city link in Zurich is opened. The heart of the new link is formed by the underground through-station at Löwenstrasse. The Gessnerallee passage is located beside it. It connects Löwenstrasse station with the through-station at Museumsstrasse, as well as the platforms of the main terminal at Central Station. Löwenstrasse railway station is connected to Oerlikon by the Weinberg Tunnel. The tracks run from Central Station to Altstetten via the Kohlendreieck Bridge and Letzigraben Bridge. The new cross-city link allows shorter travel times on the trams and eases the pressure on Central Station which, in turn, leads to greater timetable stability throughout Switzerland. Furthermore, commuters now have a wider selection of shops along Gessnerallee than they had before.


Antennas have been installed on the platforms at Zurich Central Station to enable passengers to enjoy a 4G/LTE connection. The 4G/LTE connection will give the customers higher wifi performance and enable them to surf the Internet at higher speeds at Central Station  using their smartphones. HUBER+SUHNER supplied LISCA cable assemblies to Etavis for the data supply to the antennas. The LISCA cable assemblies manufactured in Poland are characterised by low and stable intermodulation, as well as low attenuation. The high degree of protection also makes the LISCA cable more resistant to water. The LISCA cables offer excellent performance through the use of corrugated SUCOFEED cables, specially developed connectors and a controlled installation process involving HUBER+SUHNER soldering technology.


The completion of the sealing ends for the cables proved to be a challenge in this project. HUBER+SUHNER overcame that hurdle successfully, and the cables were able to be delivered ahead of schedule. As a result, the LTE supply on the platform at Zurich Central Station went into operation on 14 June 2014, in time for the cross-city link.


The cross-city link is an interesting project which has attracted a great deal of attention on the Swiss railway market. The involvement in this project gives HUBER+SUHNER a good opportunity to establish itself on the Swiss railway market. The second section will go into operation in December 2015. This will not only enable quicker tram connections, it will also shorten travel times for main line trains.