5 ways to keep passengers connected while on the road

Written by 

Rong Lin

 Vice President Head Marketing Communications

The popularity of bus travel has helped to drive a digital transformation on board, particularly for long journeys between large cities. Thanks to their competitive pricing, and flexibility of route, buses have gained a reputation among travelers as an efficient alternative to methods such as train or car. But the expectations of passengers are demanding, which poses operators with a challenge to overcome - how can you keep passengers connected while on the road?  

For excellent internet connectivity, operators not only need a rooftop antenna for connecting to radio towers, but an in-carriage Wi-Fi antenna to bring the connection closer to the passenger. Especially for applications with a need for higher data rates, dedicated in-carriage antennas with excellent RF performance enable efficient and reliable connectivity while on the move. The new SENCITY® Road IC (in-carriage) antenna from HUBER+SUHNER implements end-to-end connectivity with multiple benefits that keep passengers satisfied. 

Many existing solutions to passenger Wi-Fi connectivity use an access point positioned at the front of the bus, radiating to all passengers and devices. While this may offer some spots of adequate connectivity, those at the back of the bus are at an obvious disadvantage to those nearer the access point. By rethinking the positioning of one or several antennas and placing them along the corridor below or beyond the ceiling, they are free to radiate equally inside the passenger cabin.

For particularly large buses, or for those with dense passenger numbers, multiple antennas can be installed throughout the length of the vehicle. This way, no matter their position or the passenger density of the bus, excellent and consistent connectivity is achieved for every customer.

Wi-Fi 6E is on the horizon, and operators should be prepared. Implementing a connectivity solution that is built to provide Wi-Fi 6E technology will allow operators to stay ahead of the competition, providing next generation connectivity for years to come. As passengers’ expectations become more demanding, offering fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is how bus travel will remain a modern and viable alternative to other modes of transport. The HUBER+SUHNER SENCITY® Road IC antenna covers the Wi-Fi 6E frequency band and is ready for 6x6 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology, allowing up to 6 Wi-Fi elements, positioning operators to be future ready. 

Another way to ensure the antenna is long lasting, is through a design which reduces the opportunity for tampering. By minimising the space in between the antenna and the bus ceiling, a low profile and high impact resistible design, it is very difficult for someone to prise it away from its mount and cause damage. This offers peace of mind to the operator that frequent maintenance will be avoided and the risk of downtime minimised. The ruggedised design makes the SENCITY® Road IC antenna a durable, long-term solution for the connectivity needs of modern bus transport. 

Operators do not want to spend excess time and money on installation and maintenance of bus infrastructure. Not only is it inconvenient, but while installation is taking place, the bus cannot be running and therefore overall costs are increased. Simple, one-hole installation is ideal for bus operators who want a quick connectivity solution, which allows the bus to continue running on schedule, while meeting consumer expectations.  

Global certification is vital if operators are to avoid the headache which comes with choosing a certification based on location. To choose an antenna, then realise it cannot be distributed in every location you operate in, could be extremely frustrating and overall costly. We ensure compliance with ISO 16750 and UN/ECE-R118 regulations, giving operators one less thing to worry about, and allowing passengers to remain connected wherever they are in the world.  

With the new HUBER+SUHNER SENCITY® Road IC antenna, operators can bring connectivity closer to the passenger and can offer excellent signal distribution with an antenna which is long lasting, simple, and globally implementable.


SENCITY® ROAD IC MIMO 85177502 Compact omni-directional 3x3 MIMO in-carriage antenna fur busses
SENCITY® ROAD IC MIMO 85177757 Compact omni-directional 3x3 MIMO in-carriage antenna fur busses
SENCITY® ROAD IC MIMO 85191789 Compact omni-directional 6x6 MIMO in-carriage antenna fur busses