Addressing the present and the future: cabling solutions to withstand all environments

Written by 

Björn Elstroem

Market Manager

A rise in urbanisation and an increase in remote working is putting ever increasing strain on our communication network infrastructure. That’s why at HUBER+SUHNER, we are continuously developing a range of easy to install customisable cabling solutions that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and provide a future-ready solution to maintain connectivity.

Built to withstand harsh conditions

When you think of the term ‘harsh environment’ you may think of deserts, mountains or places exposed to extreme cold weather. However, there is an increasing need to address external locations and environmental factors found in urban areas that still require cabling to be more rugged than those in an internal environment. 

The unique features of our MASTERLINE portfolio ensure that infrastructure located on rooftops and in street furniture can withstand the most extreme ambient conditions. In addition, the cabling is designed to be resistant to rodents that are known to chew through cables. This is achieved through the highest standard of mechanical characteristics that enable tensile strength within our cables. The box-less solution takes up less space in cell towers to minimise wind load and reduce expensive foot print on expensive real estate such as towers or street furniture. 

Simple installation

Our MASTERLINE portfolio provides customers with a simplified and more flexible solution which makes on-site installation easier by using an intuitive ‘one-click’ mechanism. The solutions also offer a clear demarcation point for site-sharing, which is vital when operating in urban areas where installation space is at a premium. Not only is the demarcation point clear, but the handover points between ‘optical network installers’ and ‘on-site riggers’ is simple to see. Our solutions provide a clear and simple process of installation for a range of applications including on roof tops, cell towers, on storefront or street furniture, in campus venues and even public transport networks.

Future generation compatibility

One of the biggest demands from the public is for a reliable wireless communication network. The constant need for connectivity within the everyday lives of citizens has become so vital that it is now expected everywhere you go. With technology developing so rapidly to support this trend, and it is only going to increase in the next few years, it is critical that cabling networks stay compatible with future generations of active equipment. 

The HUBER+SUHNER MASTERLINE portfolio provides a range of cabling solutions with high compatibility with all vendors, whilst proactive planning allows for quick upgrades. In addition, current installation infrastructure can be reused to create low network swap waste as this requires minimal connectivity changes – making this a future-ready solution for today.