Boost bandwidth instantly and ready your system for future upgrades

Written by 

James Merchant

Product Manager Optical Transport

The Network Cube X (NCX) range redefines the passive optical multiplexer by introducing an innovative approach to the upgrade port. Based on expertise gained from collaborating with customers in countless projects for more than twenty years, the versatile range enables Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM) setups that could previously only be solved by using custom designs.

Instant bandwidth expansion

  • Immediate bandwidth expansion through proven WDM technologyI
  • Off-the-shelf availability

Flexibility for growth

  • Flexible channel expansion through a modular design
  • Application-specific upgrade ports to combine modules
  • Simple and intuitive installation and removal

Maximised performance

  • Sublime optical performance even in challenging setups
  • Meticulous module design based on decades of experience and know-how

The upgrade port – future-proofing your setup

An upgrade port passes on any wavelengths that are not used by a multiplexer. This makes it possible to add further multiplexers for these remaining wavelengths at any given time, setting the system up for future growth. 

Enhancing the upgrade port

The NCX range makes use of the unrealised potential of the upgrade port and introduces three unique HUBER+SUHNER developed options. Each upgrade port has been developed to answer a distinct type of optical expansion scenario, for example for increasing efficiency or enhancing current topology.

The NCX range: Mix and match to suit your setup today – and tomorrow

With three standard module sizes, you can choose the most suitable dimensions to minimise the footprint of your setup while meeting your current needs and plans for expansion.