Boost performance and cut rack space by 30 percent with our Splitter Fan-Out cable system

Written by 

Michal Pelikan

Product Manager 

The Splitter Fan-Out (SFO) cable system is the latest solution for Fixed Access Network customers who are looking to implement a cost-effective and space saving product for PON applications. As a 3-in-1 product, it consists of a patch cord, breakout cable and splicing cassette in one versatile solution. 

Designed in cooperation with a leading Swiss telecommunications company, the SFO system is the only splitter solution that significantly saves time and space by eliminating the need for existing splitter modules and their supporting racks. The ultra-small plastic splitter enclosure cuts rack space by 30 percent in fully equipped racks and is easy to install and handle. It optimises total cost of ownership by increasing fiber density and fully leverages existing infrastructure, leaving more time and resource for revenue-driving products and services. 

By rethinking existing network installations and exchanging large splitter modules for the SFO system, you can make the most out of the space you have. With multiple versions available, this compact solution can be integrated into most existing fiber applications. This allows you to meet your growth needs, without buying or renting costly additional space.

Improve performance

The SFO cable system is the ideal solution for upgrading existing P2P infrastructure to xPON applications, and can be used to connect an Optical Line Terminal (OLT) to an Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) in a central office or similar environment. The SFO can also be implemented in the central distributor (data center), cable distributor or building distribution. It reduces complexities due to its smart design and maximises signal performance because of less connections, as well as the controlled quality of the system. 

Depending on the area of operation, individual designs, such as the labelling of the splitter module, connector variants or equipment with labelling clips, can be taken into consideration in advance.

Enhance operations 

The simple design of the SFO solution makes installation and maintenance more efficient and cost-effective. The reduced number of rack components enables customers to make optimum use of the available space to expand the range of services. The SFO solution also offers a clearly organised structure, saving time and resources as faults can be located and rectified quickly.

Invest with the future in mind 

The flexibility of the SFO cable system makes it easy to integrate into existing and future fiber distribution systems, providing opportunities for growth investments. Operating costs can be optimised, and saved personnel and financial resources can be used elsewhere.