Cable systems: the key for reliable connectivity in your Private Mobile Network


Written by 

Bjoern Elstroem,

Market Manager

Private Mobile Network (PMN) deployments have increased rapidly in recent years. As of May 2023, over 1,000 PMNs had been deployed around the world. The use of PMNs gives businesses more control, flexibility, and security over their wireless communications infrastructure, enabling them to meet their unique requirements and increase operational efficiency. PMNs are typically deployed in environments where precise, secure communication is necessary, such as industrial plants, educational campuses, airports, and other critical infrastructure.

A fiber optic (FO) structured cabling system provides the physical infrastructure for different networking technologies found in a PMN. A reliable and high-performing FO backbone will facilitate the real-time transmission of signals and establish seamless communication between base stations and network infrastructure. Without robust and efficient cabling solutions, the performance and reliability of a PMN can be significantly compromised.

Key factors to consider

When choosing the components of a PMN backbone, operators must consider a number of factors, including signal quality, cable durability, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness.


Cable systems with low signal loss and excellent shielding capabilities are crucial for ensuring the delivery of reliable communications and sustained, enhanced signal quality. Cable durability is essential, especially for PMNs operating in outdoor or harsh environments where infrastructure must withstand severe environmental challenges and physical stress. 

In deployments where cost and resource constraints may be a barrier to success, features like pre-connectorization and custom length flexibility can save vital time and effort during network deployments. Cost effectiveness is not just an upfront investment—high-quality cables may require higher initial costs, but they offer strong long-term benefits and compatibility with any vendor products and components used within the network.


Utilising our expertise

With over 25 years of industry experience developing innovative solutions, HUBER+SUHNER should be a first choice when it comes to building PMNs. The unique features of our MASTERLINE portfolio ensure that network operators have a comprehensive offering of cable systems that are compatible with all vendor products and will endure future generations of active equipment.


The best-in-class MASTERLINE Ultimate Hybrid (MLUH) offers ease of installation for the mast top, robustness, and greater efficiency. The MLUH has a compact, pre-connectorized, and factory-sealed connector head with an integrated pulling eye that allows easy cable lifting. The encapsulated connector head can be directly attached to the mast with a single click, while the Q-ODC fiber optic and power jumpers can be quickly connected to the Remote Radio Head (RRH) interface, creating the ultimate plug-and-play solution.

In addition, the cabling is designed to ensure that infrastructure located on rooftops and in street furniture can withstand the most extreme ambient conditions and harshest of environments. This is achieved through the highest standard of mechanical characteristics that enable tensile strength within our cables. Using our services and solutions, including the MASTERLINE portfolio, can result in time and money savings alongside a maximised Return on Investment (RoI).

‘Future ready’ compatibility

Cable systems form the backbone of PMNs, ensuring reliable and efficient connectivity no matter the location. As the demand for constant connections increases, it is vital that cabling networks stay compatible with future generations of active equipment.


The HUBER+SUHNER MASTERLINE portfolio provides a range of cabling solutions offering outstanding performance, durability, and high compatibility with all vendors. Utilising HUBER+SUHNER solutions enables proactive planning for quick upgrades, and when combined with our team’s vast experience providing high-quality solutions for Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), makes us the go-to expert for deployments.