Combining RADOX® HV cables and TE HIVONEX connection solutions for reliable EV performance

Written by 

Marc Moser

Vice President Market Manager Automotive 

In order to manufacture and offer highly reliable high-voltage (HV) cable assembly solutions, HUBER+SUHNER has invested in Electromagnetic Pulse Technology (EMPT), besides the established crimp technology. With input from a range of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), TE and HUBER+SUHNER have developed a new HV cable assembly solution. The combination of the PowerTube HV connector with RADOX® HV screened cables, mounted with the terminated EMPT solution, guarantees robust and durable electrical connections throughout a vehicle. This solution is available in two series – the PowerTube 1000 (HVP-HD 100) and the 1400 (HVP-HD 1400).  

Resistance is key 

With a robust design and braided screen to efficiently manage high current loads, the RADOX® HV cables offer strong resistance against a number of potential safety risks, being ECE R118 approved against flame propagation and ADR approved for high abrasion resistance. The cables can even operate at a wide temperature range from - 40°C up to 150° / 3000h including handling of peaks up to 250°C to ensure reliability no matter how long the solution has been in use. 

The rugged qualities of the RADOX® HV cables, when combined with the TE Connector design, are essential for high-performance in assemblies and connections. Throughout the development process, the PowerTube series has been extensively validated and qualified alongside the HUBER+SUHNER cables to ensure a reliable solution for customers. 

Delivering outstanding performance

HUBER+SUHNER has built in-house assembly capabilities using EMPT technology, and as a result, production have been given the tools to meet market demands promptly for prototype requirements, while supporting small serial deliveries. Led by an experienced team of engineers, our variant configurator allows for quick yet customised sample requests, vastly improving the efficiency of our handling and delivery service. Though part numbers for pigtails are defined by standard lengths (1m, 3m and 5m), customer-specific lengths can now be easily generated. Our design teams can also quickly validate potential wiring concepts and the market fit, and consequently shorten the overall vehicle time to market, providing a valuable competitive advantage. 

Through the combination of the TE connector and our RADOX® HV cables, engine-level vibration will not be a concern of the past, offering circular 360° shielding to ensure high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance. Depending on operational temperature, the TE PowerTube series is also able to handle large electrical loads up to 580A continuous current and 1000V, alongside multiple wire sizes between 35-150mm². 

Making reliable high-voltage connections 

Our RADOX® HV cables are the perfect choice for any HV connector. With a robust design, including options of big cross section, our HV cable range has been devised to suit any requirements. HUBER+SUHNER is planning to implement additional connector solutions which have been qualified on our RADOX® HV cables to ensure compatibility and deliver ‘future-ready’ HV connection solutions into our variant configurator.  

As the EV market continues to grow and evolve, HUBER+SUHNER solutions will play a crucial role in delivering maintainable and sustainable performance for all EV types for years to come. 

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