Compact size with big results: Introducing the new SENCITY® Urban 200 MIMO 4x4 antenna for 5G C Band

Written by 

Crisina Olimpieri

Product Manager Antennas

HUBER+SUHNER recently launched its new SENCITY® Urban 200 MIMO 4x4 directional antenna, an excellent solution for wireless operators and installers in the small cell industry who require increased network coverage in a limited space.

The SENCITY Urban 200 antenna increases the data throughput with its 4x4 MIMO configuration and provides the constant high-speed wireless access and connectivity that is needed for 5G C Band applications. The new compact solution is perfect for environments where space is reduced and where the antenna placement needs to be discreet. The SENCITY® Urban 200 MIMO 4x4 is the latest addition to the HUBER+SUHNER small cell antennas portfolio, which is known for its high performance, easy installation and compact design.


Modern connectivity demands, such as those driven by technologies like 5G and Internet of Things (IoT), are increasing the required data throughput. This is especially true for busy urban areas, where small cells are needed to provide the connectivity that allows many users to connect simultaneously per square meter. As small cell operators are switching to use 5G in the C Band frequency range as it supports high capacity for enhanced mobile broadband, the SENCITY Urban 200 MIMO 4x4 is specifically designed to be used in this range. It provides maximum network coverage capacity by utilising the MIMO 4x4 configuration with 11 dBi Gain. 


Costs in urban areas can be extremely high, as space is restricted due to many municipalities limiting the number of installations. To meet the demand, existing infrastructure and street furniture must be utilised, such as advertising banners and bus stops. The discreet and compact design of the SENCITY Urban 200 MIMO antenna makes it the ideal solution for these environments as it ensures a low visible impact. Due to its size, less space is needed, and operators benefit from reduced rental costs. 

Installation is quick and easy with versatile one-click bracket mounting options for poles, walls and enclosures. This simple process means that valuable resources can be utilised elsewhere.



The SENCITY Urban 200 MIMO antenna combines high performance and density, increasing network coverage capacity. With reduced rental costs due to space being maximised, wireless operators and installers can boost performance while making the most of the space they already have. This provides a higher return-on-investment and better resource allocation to unlock new business opportunities.