Connect your data center to growth

Written by 

Andreas Sila

Vice President Data Center + Fixed Access Network

We live in a fast-moving world where billions of new devices and services are launched and added every year. As a result, the amount of data generated, hosted and transferred is growing exponentially. 

At the same time, customer expectations and demands on speed, uptime and quality continuously increase. New technologies such as IoT, Virtual Reality, Electric Vehicles, Industry 4.0 are meanwhile driving the need for advancements, making it necessary to build for a sustainable future – a future built on fiber optics. 

Your data center serves as the operating core of your networked-based services. It needs to be reliable, fast and scalable.  

Regardless of whether your company is active within Colocation, Broadcasting, Telecoms or Enterprise, you need to continuously optimise your data center space and improve performance while minimising MACs (Moves, Adds and Changes), which are often time-consuming and expensive. 

We also know that you need to make sure that any investment into your data center is valid going forward. There is a need for the investment to be robust and flexible enough to handle future requirements. 


Fiber optic solutions from HUBER+SUHNER enable you to do more, in less space. We support you in building your data center on the strongest fiber optic foundation possible to ensure that you have the space, time and ability to reach the next level. 

We specialise in fundamentally setting up your data center with passive optical equipment that makes it simple and scalable. Our high-density structured cabling strategies and all-optical switches guarantee easy handling as well as remote and automated steering. Our solutions for bandwidth expansion enable you to get more out of your existing infrastructure. 

At the same time, our technical consultants are ready to share their deep knowledge and support you from planning to implementation. Our mission is to make sure that your data center is set up in a way that maximises uptime and is optimal for your needs today. And scalable for the future. 


Our technical experts set up fiber optic cabling strategies that structure and optimise your space based on a customised or standardised set-up. Meanwhile, our engineers develop systems composed of products that can be further enhanced with automation and be controlled remotely, giving you freedom and peace of mind.


Through an efficient set-up, crucial space is freed up and your system will require less manual maintenance and adjustments. That means that you can redirect resources and enhance your current offering by opting for new services for your customers or cater to a greater customer base. Furthermore, we provide trainings for your staff and are ever committed to exceed your expectations on quality, service and support. 


With an effective and clearly structured data center you will save time, maximise resources and widen your offering allowing more focus on new investments and revenue-driving activities. With our high-density, modular approach and expandable options, combined with our extensive technical and industry-oriented expertise, we can deliver solutions that efficiently solve your challenges today. At the same time, we help you prepare your system for the future, and for driving growth.


Working with HUBER+SUHNER means having a partner by your side who supports you in hitting those roadmap milestones. A partner to help you increase ROI, maximise revenue, and get you to where you aspire to be.

Find peace of mind by securing maximum uptime with our smart, attractive and scalable fiber optic solutions. We stand by you to boost performance, unlock potential and drive business growth.