Connecting the Seoul Metro with the next generation of rail technology

Written by 

Alfonso Perez

Vice President Market Manager Railway

Since its opening in 1974, the Seoul Metro has remained the most popular and convenient mode of transportation for locals and tourists alike. Carrying over 5.5 million people per day, the train cars have been victim to wear and tear. Last year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced plans to replace 600 train carriages of Seoul Metro’s Line 2 stock, the most heavily used line on the network.

The Dawonsys-Rowin consortium was chosen by the Seoul Metropolitan Government  for the first phase of the project, replacing 200 carriages with next generation rail vehicles and maintenance technology.

DAWONSYS needed trustworthy partners to help complete the project and therefore selected HUBER+SUHNER to provide the cables for electronic boxes and the assembly of the subsystem, including door control, brakes, signals and sensors.

HUBER+SUHNER provided 2.7 million meters of RADOX® cable to DAWONSYS.


“We have a close relationship with HUBER+SUHNER and were sure they would provide the best quality cables and technical support,” said Hak-Woo NAM, General Manager, Railway Management Division at DAWONSYS. “We knew they would not compromise on quality, product reliability and lead time.”

RADOX® cables and cable systems were developed for Railway applications and comply with the requirements of international railway standards. They guarantee safe and durable connections in demanding environments.  RADOX® insulation materials deliver outstanding resistance to thermal, chemical, electrical and mechanical loads. Due to their superlative insulating properties, RADOX® railway cables do not need thick walls, which greatly reduces the amount of space required and the cable weight.

HUBER+SUHNER delivers the optimum solution for the wiring of rail vehicles such as regional trains, high-speed trains, underground railways, trams and locomotives. The company’s extensive experience in the rail sector gives customers the reassuring knowledge that with HUBER+SUHNER, they will receive innovative products that work perfectly.

The solution needed to adhere to EN 45545 and to the standards established by the Korea Railroad Research Institute. HUBER+SUHNER gave continuous technical support from the design phase to completion. A fire test has been completed by a HUBER+SUHNER distributor and HUBER+SUHNER’s South Korea office. The products also needed to pass electrical, mechanical and environmental tests in Switzerland.

Carriages are now being delivered and will continue being delivered until the end of 2017. “We are still in the tender stage for the second phase of cars, but if we are appointed we hope HUBER+SUHNER will partner with us once more,” Hak-Woo NAM added.