Demand for low latency drives Edge Data Center boom

Written by 

Dmitry Tsyplakov

Solution Manager

Not only are we experiencing an ever-increasing demand for the storage and transmission of data, the development of 5G and the applications using it are demanding higher and higher transmissions speeds. Video streaming, virtual and augmented reality and the maturation of the Internet of Things mean that devices and applications have next to instantaneous expectations when it comes to communication speeds. While the core data center is great for bulk storage, the edge data center brings the cloud closer to applications using it.

Edge computing lightens the load on cloud data center processing units and reduces traffic between applications and the core data center. As a result, they offer low latency and increase network efficiency. This lets businesses and their networks maximise their footprint and expand their dark fiber bandwidth capacity. Having all-optical switches installed enables you to remote monitor, maintain and operate your edge data center, which provides flexibility, speed and access to ensure the networks can deliver against expectation to end-users all the time. 

Get closer to the edge

Deploying an edge data center does however raise some different challenges compared to traditional data centers. They tend to be smaller and located as close as possible to the source of data which can mean installation in urban areas where space is restricted. HUBER+SUHNER can help to ensure you are getting the most from your existing fibre infrastructure or, if you need, provide new fiber optic solutions that are fully scalable and modular, featuring small diameter cables which are space-efficient and have a very small footprint.

With edge data centers being placed away from the core data center, remote management and automation become highly desirable. HUBER+SUHNER can provide full end-to-end connectivity - from edge data centers to central office, to core data center and back..

The right timing and strategy for moving data centers (and related services) to the edge will be different for each organization, depending on the conditions, environment and business opportunities in its marketplace. With HUBER+SUHNER you can build and maintain a simple, scalable and hassle-free data center based on fiber optics connectivity. For more information, please get in touch.