Effective individual filtering of TV signals in FTTH networks

Written by 

David Gerhard

Head of Product Management

One of the greatest advantages of fiber optic networks is their high capacity for data transmission. Digital services such as internet use, streaming, telephony and television can all be transmitted in parallel over different wavelengths. This presents an immense advantage to the end customer.

However, in some situations, network operators and service providers need to block the TV service for individual customers.

A frequent example of this is when individual FTTH subscribers rely on an alternative supplier for linear TV reception. Customers often harness a satellite reception through a private satellite dish or only require access to online streaming services.

Developed by HUBER+SUHNER BKtel, the OBF-V optical blocking filter can easily filter out the video overlay signal for TV reception (transmitted on wavelength 1550-1560nm), allowing only the data signal to be available at the customer’s connection.

The filter module has the same dimensions of an LC attenuator (LC/APC) and can be used directly at the distribution port of the customer access fiber in the Point of Presence (POP). All other Ethernet PTP, GPON, XGSPON and OTDR signals are passed through without restriction and can be used in the usual way.

As the filter module can be plugged directly into the POP, there is no need for a maintenance or installation team to visit the customer's home or building, adding to the ease and simplicity of this solution.