Fast, efficient fiber optic infrastructure is key to meet-me room success

Written by 

Dmitry Tsyplakov

Solution Manager

As network traffic increases, the importance of structured fiber optic infrastructure has never been more important than now. To provide the best connectivity for people and businesses, meet-me rooms within colocation data centers require set-ups that are highly organised and easy to navigate. Connectivity solutions from HUBER+SUHNER ensure efficient and fast fiber optic connections for customers, partners and service providers.

Meet-me rooms are of increasing importance
A meet-me room is a physical area within a data center that provides a connection to the outside world. It is a secure space that can be accessed at all times for carrier services, without the need to access other secure areas within a data center. Within a smaller data center, these locations may be no more than a simple demarcation point, but in larger facilities, it will be a separate room with multiple equipment racks. 

These areas are proving essential for handling increased network demand. Meet-me rooms enable total control over the environment in order to meet individual needs, while providing high levels of security and continuity. They usually provide a wide choice of service providers with a very low risk of exposure to the client’s internal network. Additionally, a well-structured meet-me room can have a significant impact on attracting potential customers. 

Enabling a better structure
Within meet-me rooms, there are two distinct ways of connecting service providers and customers. The first approach, called the interconnect method, utilises direct cables from a patch panel in the carrier rack to a patch panel in the customer rack. The second leverages demarcation frames within the room that act as a demarcation point and is known as the cross-connect method.

HUBER+SUHNER highly recommends a cross-connect method. A cross-connect structure provides an area dedicated for moves and changes, that avoids exposure of active devices, keeps the installation well organised, provides lower OPEX and preserves the infrastructure. 

Delivering greater efficiency 
It is important for meet-me rooms to have a structured fiber optic infrastructure. HUBER+SUHNER provides a range of high-quality data center solutions, ideal for meet-me rooms, that allow for easy access to the equipment and enable fast and efficient connections. With better organisation for cabling, customers are presented with a pristine connectivity gateway and service providers can operate with maximum efficiency.  

The HUBER+SUHNER portfolio also offers a variety of optical interfaces to support a range of applications and has the ability to increase fiber optic capacity to meet future network requirements. They are also future-ready and adaptable for new customers or equipment to be added at a later date, avoiding expensive infrastructure overhauls. 

With a portfolio of smart, simple, and scalable fiber optic connectivity solutions, HUBER+SUHNER is enabling data center operators to go beyond their current horizons by boosting performance and unlocking new potential.