Flexible FTTH pre-term indoor for rapid in-building cabling installation 

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The HUBER+SUHNER push-pull solution is the only one on the market that incorporates a flexible CPR class B2ca cable that can be easily installed without the need for additional unwinding aids and also offers the advantage of fully recyclable paper packaging.

Indoor fiber FTTH expansions are expensive and time consuming. Solutions are therefore required that simplify and speed up the process.

This is where FTTH pre-term indoor from HUBER+SUHNER comes in. Now, there’s no longer any need to bring additional cable unwinding aids to the site and spend time manually unwinding. The FTTH pre-term indoor solution contains a pre-assembled spool on which the cable is wound at the factory. It is therefore ready for installation immediately, significantly reducing the installation time in your end user’s home. This solution will keep customer disruption to a minimum as the more time-consuming splicing takes place in the equipment room rather than the living area.

In-building installation has never been faster

Fiber installation at the customer needs to be fast. With the FTTH pre-term indoor solution from HUBER+SUHNER, you can blow or pull the fiber optic cable into the conduit directly from the box and swiftly install the outlet in the building. The cable end to be spliced can then be easily connected to the connection point or building distributor in the equipment room. FTTH installation at the end user has never been so quick and easy.

Highest quality 

The FTTH pre-term indoor solution) includes a pre-assembled wall outlet and 2.3 mm fiber optic cable with a gel-free 1.25 mm microtube. This flexible cable can be easily blown or pulled into the installation conduit. [The gel-free 2.3 mm FTTH microtube cable is CPR-certified and B2ca-rated, and is therefore compliant with the highest fire rating applicable to indoor cables. The cable is already being approved by major telecom carriers and can be blown in up to 350 m.

The pre-assembled wall outlet has compact dimensions of 90 cm x 110 cm x 29.5 cm (l x w x h), features an aramid yarn pull catch and adapters with integrated shutters, and can be individually labelled at the customer’s site. 

Blow or pull in

Despite the good blowing capability of the FTTH microtube, the cable is extremely flexible and has optimal properties for the installer. It has an integrated feed eyelet that facilitates installation and allows the cable to be pulled in a few steps: Simply open the tab on the edge of the packaging, keeping the box held down on the floor with your foot and pull the cable in. It’s that simple!

Well-designed paper packaging, completely 100% plastic free

Our well-designed packaging is practical and compact, lightweight and easily stowed away. The specially developed spool inside the box permits quick and easy cable de-reeling. This allows any pull or push installation to be completed in a matter of minutes. The cable comes in paper packaging which can be recycled quickly and easily without additional costs. An intelligent design concept for environmentally conscious customers.

Quick and easy FTTH installation at the end customer

Step 1: 

Simply stand the FTTH pre-term indoor box upright, open the tab on the side and fix it with the foot

Step 2:

Then pull out the CPR B2ca-certified inner cable at the eyelet and either blow or pull it into the conduit

Step 3:

Mount the pre-assembled outlet on the wall and then connect the cable end in the equipment room

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