Future-proof antenna solutions for your Private Mobile Network


Written by 

Cristina Olimpieri, 

Product Manager

Private Mobile Networks (PMN) are becoming increasingly commonplace, with over 1,000 currently deployed in 72 countries across the world. Use of PMNs is accelerating in complex environments like oil and gas fields, factories, and shipping ports where precise, secure communication and operational efficiency are vital. Dealing with many devices, at speed and without losing connectivity is a challenge overcome by installing the right antennas. They can ensure reliable high-bandwidth connectivity, low latency, and high performance to boost the connectivity and performance of devices.

Key factors to consider

Antennas enable a device to transmit and receive wireless signals effectively, with directional and omnidirectional antennas allowing the connection between indoor and outdoor devices to be improved tenfold. When choosing the antennas for a PMN, they must meet stringent operational requirements, while operators face a number of important considerations, including overall antenna performance, ease of installation, antenna appearance, suitable location/ to avoid interference, Return on Investment (ROI), and more.

Antennas that can offer reliable and efficient performance are crucial for ensuring reliable communication and sustained, enhanced signal quality. For outdoor use, especially in remote locations, antenna durability is key to being able to withstand harsh environmental challenges and physical stress.

Finding suitable areas for cell sites can be a challenging task for mobile operators, especially in areas where space is limited. This, accompanied by high costs and resource constraints, can often lead to the failure of network deployments. A simple antenna installation process is required to minimise labour time and expenses, while each cell site needs to be adequately designed to mesh with its surroundings.

The go-to experts for your PMN

At HUBER+SUHNER, we offer a wide range of antenna solutions that make the process of building a PMN simple, efficient, reliable, and scalable for future growth. The SENCITY® Urban portfolio offers network operators a comprehensive selection of antennas for both indoor and outdoor use that are compatible with all vendor products and will endure future generations of active equipment.

The SENCITY┬« Urban 100 and 200 small cell antennas are designed to maximise performance and offer a simple roll-out with customised options available to suit the surroundings. The compact antenna solutions are designed with very high isolation between individual ports to maximise MIMO performance and offer very low PIM. In-building and DAS antennas offer a small and discreet appearance while maintaining high-performance connectivity levels for indoor use. With infrastructure requirements constantly evolving over time, our future-proof portfolio is an investment to the future and new applications. 

Our Direct GPS-over-Fiber portfolio uses power-over-fiber technology to provide timing synchronisation for networks of all types. This unique product allows allows for a distance of several kilometers between the antenna and receiver system to expand connectivity levels over greater distances, with no power infrastructure required at the antenna location. The portfolio offers various expansion and receiver modules for future-proof scalability and eliminates the need for multiple GPS antennas on rooftops.