HUBER+SUHNER supports the e-truck revolution of refuse collection vehicles with Designwerk

Written by 

Marc Moser

Vice President Market Manager Automotive

Supported by HUBER+SUHNER, electric mobility experts Designwerk based in Winterthur have developed a 100% electric truck, specially designed for the requirements of the niche waste disposal sector.

The 26-tonne ‘Collect 26E’ is exceeding expectations with impressive performance data. With four electric motors, generating a staggering 760 Horse Power with an energy efficiency of up to 97%, the Collect 26E is putting modern diesel truck engines to shame. In comparison, a modern diesel truck engine has an average energy efficiency of 45-50%, meaning that over 50% of the energy generated is not even reaching the drive shaft.

Working under the weight of a full load, the e-truck’s battery lasts for up to 150 kilometres and can simply be recharged overnight. One single battery charge will be more than sufficient, as the typical daily radius of action of a garbage truck is up to 80 kilometres. Additionally, the e-truck is 100% emission-free and ultra-quiet, and certainly ahead of the competition.

In order to transport the enormous charge and power currents in the vehicle effectively and reliably, a special high-voltage distribution system is required. The High Voltage Distribution Unit (HVDU) from HUBER+SUHNER assumes this essential process. Tailor-made for the design of the Collect 26E and adapted to the specific needs of Designwerk, the HVDU from HUBER+SUHNER – in addition to the electric motor – is the heart of the e-truck.

One of the first adopters of the Collect 26E is the Swiss company Haldimann AG as well as the city of Thun, Switzerland, where the e- truck will be in operation from Spring 2018. The Swiss Federal Office of Energy supports the development and testing of the vehicle within its flagships programme.