Internationally certified RF cabling for global OEMs

Written by 

Alfonso Perez

Market manager

Appropriate certification is particularly important for OEMs, allowing them to comply with local regulations and ensuring complete peace of mind regarding the safety and reliability of products. HUBER+SUHNER is the leading supplier of certified radio frequency (RF) cabling for both European, and US markets.

Global certification 
In the United States, Transit Authorities state that cabling must comply with the NFPA 130 standard. This specifies fire protection and life safety requirements for underground, surface and elevated fixed guideway transit and passenger rail systems. While this differs from the European certification, EN45545, customers do not necessarily want to choose between US and European deployment – they want both. OEMs that only deploy equipment with one or the other of these regulations may encounter legal roadblocks when attempting to deploy internationally, leading to potential delays and additional costs.
HUBER+SUHNER RF cables comply with both European and US standards. This means that not only can American OEMs deploy solutions with ease, but European manufacturers can deploy in the region without additional complications, making HUBER+SUHNER the supplier of choice for global manufacturers.

Industry wide applications 
While the NFPA 130 standard is based on requirements for rail, it is more widely applicable across the transport segment, for example as part of bus and metro applications. The combination of rail, bus, and metro travel is vital for both European and US markets, where public transport is relied on for journeys ranging from inner city commutes to interstate travel.
RF cabling is the backbone of communications on the move. The digitalisation of both rail operations and passenger lifestyle means train-borne communications are required to power wireless devices or IP based networks. Train to ground communications also rely on dependable RF cabling, for applications like train control, cellular networks and GNSS navigation. Trackside infrastructure and control centers, stations and depots need reliable and certified cabling to keep operations running smoothly, with fast and accurate communications vital for this.

High performance RF cables
SPUMA low loss cables and assemblies from HUBER+SUHNER are highly flexible and offer easy handling and installation. With excellent insertion loss, and applicable in frequencies up to 6 GHz (specific items available up to 8 GHz), OEMs can guarantee efficient RF signal distribution that is vital for the transmission of accurate communications over distances of up to 10 metres.
Similarly, RADOX® RF cabling is applicable in frequencies up to 6 GHz (specific items available up to 8 GHz) while meeting approvals for rail applications. Both product families are certified according to the EN45545 and NFPA 130 standards, with halogen free and flame retardant qualities making operations not only safer for passengers and personnel, but more environmentally friendly for increasingly sustainable operations. SPUMA cable delivers sound low loss performance, while RADOX solutions feature an extended temperature range of up to 105°C.

Reliable solutions across borders 
The industry wide applications for RF cabling mean that OEMs want a flexible and internationally implementable solution which avoids roadblocks and offers maximum ease of use. Compliance with US and European regulations mean OEMs can manufacture and deploy solutions across both markets, with low loss and flame retardant qualities that ensure highly efficient RF signal distribution and safety for those on board.