Written by 

Dmitry Tsyplakov

Solution Manager

The pandemic was a big wake up call for businesses as it showed IT requirements can suddenly change at an explosive rate. The only way to prepare for such events is to build as much flexibility as possible into their networks, spaces and technology. They need to be prepared for the short, medium and long-term future. The pandemic moved the needle for many from viewing flexibility as a luxury to seeing it as a core functionality they can’t afford to be without.

IT rooms are vital in our digital world and we ask a lot of them. They are a place where many subsystems converge or integrate, often including everything from telephone and mobile services, content or video delivery and cloud infrastructure. The dream is to be able to create a structured, high-density IT room that ensures continuity and enables fast adoption of new technologies, as well as elasticity in its ability if ‘things’ change quickly.  

Standardised implementation

While everyone has their unique needs and circumstances, there are several requirements for building, managing and operating a good IT room. These include a standardised implementation strategy for different network typologies, advanced data center network test lab abilities and, importantly, high optical performance and bandwidth. And space, lots of space for the extensive amounts of fiber needed. 

Taking a standardised approach to an IT Room helps to address some recurring common problems, like port identification, and helps to reduce human errors. Fiber optic (FO) provisioning can be sped up by having a clear strategy from the start and it is also vital to work with and use high-quality and high-performance connectivity throughout. HUBER+SUHNER Polatis provides remote provisioning, maintenance, monitoring and operations, alongside automated connectivity solutions to ensure IT Rooms are reliable, stable and delivering at all times. 

Continuity and new technologies

HUBER+SUHNER prides itself on being able to build and maintain efficient IT Rooms which provide reliable and fast communications to customers and which stay ahead of technology advancements. It is key that our customers have IT Rooms which can ensure continuity and can quickly adapt to new technologies. 

Structured and high-density IT Rooms are neat, organised and built to last. They are fully scalable with modular fiber optic solutions which are small, but still deliver. They are also easily scaled up to allow for the fast adoption of new technologies. With HUBER+SUHNER fiber optic solutions, businesses can be sure their IT rooms deliver optimum performance.