Keeping up with coverage. Antenna solutions for all environments.

Written by 

Amy Huettner

Marketing Communications Manager

Urban environments present a unique range of challenges for connectivity providers. High population density means more demand for bandwidth. There are also more data-hungry businesses and essential public services like hospitals, schools and transport hubs. In towns and cities, space is always at a premium, so installing the infrastructure needed to serve urban populations requires it to be specially designed and constructed to suit each location. That’s why the antenna ranges of HUBER+SUHNER help operators maximise performance while prioritising ease of installation. 

Maximising performance

Getting the most out of an urban network requires superior performance, tailored for specific environments. Dealing with the demands of high population in a small area means operators must maximise data throughput by increasing capacity with special reuse of frequencies and deploying a wider range of frequencies. The antennas of HUBER+SUHNER also come with low passive intermodulation and high isolation to ensure everything possible is done to maximise performance and minimise interference with other antenna locations. 

Easy installation

Finding suitable areas for cell sites can be challenging for mobile operators, especially in cities or areas where space is scarce. To help find the perfect site, we support customers by performing simulations which help to detect and remove potential issues as early as possible and reduce the need for field testing to the minimum.  

Installation of HUBER+SUHNER antennas are quick and simple. The solutions are suitable for a range of different applications including street furniture or store fronts, in education or healthcare campus settings and even on subway networks. 

The future of the mobile network

Technology is developing constantly, and advances will continue to accelerate in the next few years, allowing for ever more mobile users to be connected with superior speed and at lower network latency. 

The HUBER+ SUHNER SENCITY® Urban and Occhio series are designed to maximize performance and offer a simple roll-out with customised options available to suit the surroundings. The series offers high-quality solutions for wireless operators and installers that use small cells and who need increased network coverage in a limited space. As the infrastructure requirements constantly evolve, our antenna offering also evolves and can be tailor-made for new and/or special applications.