High-speed rail customers in China to benefit from locally produced RADOX® cable solutions 

Written by 

Alfonso Perez

Market Manager Railway

The certification allows for cables produced by HUBER+SUHNER in China to be used for the innovative high-speed railways being constructed in the country. Cables can now be produced locally for trains exceeding 200kmph, including RADOX power, control and databus cables. As a result, shipping time, sea freight delivery costs and import duties are saved, making purchases quicker and more cost effective for local customers. Fewer international shipments also means there are potential CO2 savings of 700 tons per year, which is 7% of the total CO2 emissions caused by transportation of products to customers worldwide.
Cables produced by HUBER+SUHNER in China are also certified for European use, meaning manufacturers can avoid roadblocks when shipping to this market.
“Cables that were previously manufactured in Switzerland for use in China can now be produced locally for our customers. With this certification, HUBER+SUHNER is in a prime position to deliver high-quality cabling quickly and cost effectively for future projects,” said Gump Zhang, Vice President of Railway Sales, North and SEA.