Offering reliable connectivity and continuous growth through mobile network solutions

Written by 

Amy Huettner

Marketing Communications Manager

All network operators face the same never-ending challenge of keeping up with customer demand but, at HUBER+SUHNER, we know that no two network infrastructures are entirely the same. That’s why we tailor our solutions to the precise needs of our customers.

Common challenges, unique solutions

Mobile network operators, neutral hosts and enterprises are all focused on gaining a competitive advantage from their network or infrastructure. To be successful, they require maximum performance while minimising their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The successful location of cell sites is one area where costs can spiral if not managed well. Every site requires its own unique business case, which considers factors in the areas of engineering, planning, installation, and maintenance. Finding suitable cell sites can often prove a challenging endeavour.

HUBER+SUHNER tailor solutions to the precise needs of our customers, enabling efficiency within their cell sites whilst remaining adaptable to both new and existing technologies. Through our unique range of solutions — including compact antennas, harsh environment cabling and bandwidth expansion technology — our customers are provided with the precise tools required to make their operations a success. Every mobile network application is considered, from macrocells to small cells, or from in-building coverage to private mobile networks, and our client’s requirements are considered at every stage, from the initial planning to deployment and on-site testing.

‘Future ready’ technology built to last

With our harsh environment cabling solutions, customers are enabled to simplify the installation process, with a range of modular and flexible products, such as those in the MASTERLINE portfolio, making on-site installation easier with intuitive one-click connections. These have been designed to withstand the most extreme of conditions, offering resiliency against harsh ambient conditions with enhanced animal protection and high-standard mechanical characteristics like tensile strength. Customers can also rest assured that HUBER+SUHNER solutions will offer proven compatibility with active equipment and are developed as vendor neutral to ensure an undisrupted operation alongside quick upgrades through proactive planning.

Simple installation, superior performance

Our portfolio of antennas has been designed to maximise performance with a faster roll-out and simplified installation. Their low visual impact footprint means they blend in with their surroundings and by covering a wide range of frequencies (600MHz to 6 GHz) our antennas also offer maximum data throughput and high isolation. As customers continue to expect reliable and adaptable connectivity, products like the SENCITY® small cell antenna series have been developed to give operators unparalleled performance through a compact and adaptable design. But all this would not be good enough. That’s why we always include early-stage testing in the relevant environment to detect and remove potential installation issues as early as possible for a smooth roll-out.  

To add more cell sites at the edge of the optical network, you need to add more bandwidth without adding more fibers through easily integrated and customisable solutions to meet local requirements. Using WDM technology enables rapid deployment in the existing setup and satisfying customer needs through ‘future-ready’ modular products. With enclosures to fit customer-specific site requirements, no configuration is required due to the plug-and-play set up designed by HUBER+SUHNER, offering unparalleled demarcation at the point of distribution.