OneWeb Satellites connects the planet in the new space

Written by 

Roman Buff

With any new developments in technology comes the challenge of taking it above and beyond – today leaders in the industry like OneWeb Satellites (OWS) face the new challenge of advancing spaceflight technology. The hopes of exploring and unlocking the boundless opportunities that lay out in the dark abyss of space has reached a new level with the revolutionary spaceflight initiative NewSpace. HUBER+SUHNER supports this initiative with dedicated solutions. 

Providing low-cost access to space as well as enhancing spaceflight technologies, NewSpace presents many new opportunities, broadening the appeal of the aerospace market to a large array of customers and investment resources. Yet, despite the opportunities it brings, connectivity is a challenge for many in the harsh environment of space, as technology must be reliable and robust, while operators remain cost-conscious of solutions they implement. 

HUBER+SUHNER has undertaken extensive work in the evolving NewSpace market, and as a result, is becoming a recognised manufacturer of NewSpace solutions. With its proven knowledge and technical ability that meets the specific requirements of the industry, HUBER+SUHNER combines its traditional space qualifications with NewSpace challenges such as the necessity to be cost-effective and optimise qualification, setting it apart from its competition. 


As a trusted provider of connectivity solutions, OWS has selected HUBER+SUHNER to supply and produce the cable assemblies for a large low earth orbit satellite project which will be rolled out in the next few years in space, and will provide huge benefits to the globe. 

HUBER+SUHNER is supplying both cable assemblies and specially customised connectors for the project, from its carefully balanced portfolio of passive components. The mini141 cable assemblies, with increased phase stability, discrete PCB and Minibend L cable assemblies will provide a preassembled and tested high performance, cost-effective flexible cable assembly with increased phase stability and power handling capacity. 

For the major constellation, HUBER+SUHNER recognised that despite the short time-frame it had to develop and qualify, it needed a highly-industrialised manufacturing approach which reduced lead-time and costs typical to traditional space flight products without sacrificing reliability or the quality of the product. HUBER+SUHNER designed and customised its push-on connector SMP-SL, with a guaranteed prevention of de-mating similar to a threaded connector, which holds high broadband frequency application from 100 Mhz/31 GHz and is set apart from its competitors with no secondary process to engage lock during mating, solderless connector junctions to remove x-ray, and visual inspection of lock engagement.

The satellite constellation will offer many global benefits, and will see the world one step closer to entire global connectivity, providing access in areas where it was previously not available. The project will see Gigabit per second speeds and affordable self-installed terminals for remote areas, cut-off schools, health centers and rural communities, as well as instantly deployable connectivity for first responders by 2027.