Outdoor housings that stand up against extreme weather conditions

Written by 

Gianna Terenghi

VP Market Management

When it comes to providing seamless connectivity outside, any installation must overcome the challenges that come with being exposed to the elements. However, ensuring a high performance while outdoor infrastructure remains unaffected by adverse weather conditions is not always an easy task, especially with the growing impact of global warming to contend with too. We know that wind speed is a strong concern, as it can vary significantly day-to-day, and at different heights and locations. 

To ensure performance in extreme weather conditions, we performed thorough testing on our housings and mounting brackets. Testing was conducted by the HUBER+SUHNER fiber optic test laboratory, who simulated maximum horizontal wind speeds with practical test methods to determine displacement and possible damage. 

Not only did the results confirm the wind load requirements of our FTTA Distribution Box for outdoor use, which can withstand mechanical forces corresponding to horizontal wind speeds of 300 km/h and higher, but the developed test methods have resulted in the official development of a new international wind resistance test standard.