Shaping the future of transceivers for reliable optical networks

Written by 

James Merchant

Product Manager Optical Transport

In networks where high-performance data transmission is paramount, transceivers stand out as a vital component for reliable connectivity, facilitating seamless communication across networks while ensuring that the data flow never falters. 

While transceivers may often go unnoticed, they serve as crucial interfaces between different network components, making them an indispensable part of any network setup. Reliability and compatibility are non-negotiable when it comes to transceivers, but finding the right solution for your projects is essential if reliable connectivity is to be achieved. This is where the expertise of HUBER+SUHNER comes to the fore.

A trusted partner

A transceiver is responsible for receiving and transmitting data across an optical network, using fiber optic (FO) technology to convert electrical signals to light signals, then back again when required. Once converted, these signals are then quickly distributed over optical fiber to other areas of the network. 

HUBER+SUHNER not only provide transceivers but is also a trusted partner of leading transceiver manufacturers, supporting them in the development of highly precise solutions. Our robust portfolio of carrier-grade transceivers, when combined with our extensive experience in transceiver coding, provides customers with the means to efficiently expand and maintain their networks.

Collaborating with major manufacturers across the industry, HUBER+SUHNER is not only shaping the current landscape for transceiver technology but is also playing an active role in developing next generation solutions. Our latest innovation showcases our commitment to ensuring efficiency and performance, with micro-sized Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) components for 100G, 400G, and 800G transceivers designed to meet the highest performance standards. The component’s unique design minimizes energy consumption without compromising on quality, ensuring your network stays agile and eco-friendly.

Our solutions assure customers that their networks are backed by a company with significant experience in the market. With a 95% market share in WDM components for the world's first 100G LR4 CFP transceivers, the WDM solution from HUBER+SUHNER initiated and enabled a new age of transceivers.

Suiting your requirements

At HUBER+SUHNER, our stringent quality control processes, compliant with ANSI standards, ensure that our customers receive only the best solutions on the market. We perform continuous product testing and manufacturing site inspections, with accelerated aging test performance over a number of temperature cycles to ensure optimal product lifecycles. Any contract manufacturers associated with HUBER+SUHNER are also carefully vetted, qualified, and re-audited annually for quality control from purchase to installation.

Supporting coding for equipment from more than 50 different vendors, we are perfectly positioned to realise your specific requirements. Our experts at HUBER+SUHNER also provide guidance to customers navigating the complexities of transceiver standards such as MSA and IEE.

With an established lab and development team located in Mainz, Germany, our team of experts are already developing next-generation components with distribution to transceiver manufacturers found worldwide. This will soon include a component for 800G transceivers, offering customers the smallest design for the lowest energy consumption.

HUBER+SUHNER can secure your peace of mind when establishing reliable optical networks.

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