Streamlining PMN deployments with HUBER+SUHNER jumpers and hardware

Written by 

Björn Elstroem

Market Manager

Private Mobile Networks (PMNs) have emerged as a transformative technology for businesses looking to enhance their wireless communication infrastructure. PMNs are particularly effective in applications that demand wide area coverage, such as airports, campuses, and critical infrastructure sites. To ensure the seamless operation of these networks and enable heightened data security and greater control over service quality, selecting the right jumpers and hardware for your project becomes crucial.

Jumpers and hardware are the unsung heroes of PMNs when ensuring the robustness and reliability of networks. Jumpers provide the power and signal connections essential for seamless communication within PMNs. These bridge the gap between different components, ensuring the continuous flow of data and power. Hardware plays an equally important role, facilitating the physical positioning of cabling and secure data transfer. This enables PMNs to operate successfully in both indoor and outdoor applications, even in challenging conditions.

Key factors to consider

User-friendly equipment is vital when streamlining deployments and maintenance, as it ensures consistent network connections while reducing the complexity of the installation process. At the same time, effective network functioning and support for critical communications hinges on sustainable high performance. Any deficiencies can quickly lead to a breakdown in communication and compromised security.

To ensure greater reliability in harsh or outdoor conditions, robust, moisture-protected components can help establish future-ready networks and ensure the PMN will perform consistently. As a result, operators can reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Every PMN is unique, and requirements may differ in each project. Your chosen solutions must be adaptable to meet the specific needs of each PMN and be compatible with all vendor products to ensure seamless integration.

Selecting the right solution

HUBER+SUHNER, a trusted name in the field of mobile networks, has designed a range of jumper and hardware solutions to meet the demands of PMNs. Our power jumpers are compatible with a variety of cabling systems and offer rugged circular plug connectors to ensure a hassle-free installation process. Additionally, the company provides fiber-optic (FO) Jumpers and rugged Remote Radio Head (RRH) jumper cables, IP67 protected to guarantee reliability even in the most challenging environments.

Our RF Jumpers are also moisture-protected (IP68) to deliver outstanding radio frequency (RF) performance, a straightforward installation process, and  an efficient storage solution. HUBER+SUHNER RF Jumpers are known for their high shielding efficiency, undergoing rigorous factory testing for intermodulation, to ensure a ‘future-ready’ product for operators. Available in various lengths and interfaces to meet the specific requirements of PMNs, our jumpers can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

For hardware, the HUBER+SUHNER product range includes a grounding kit designed to safeguard cables against lightning punctures. This not only prolongs the lifespan of the equipment but also significantly reduces repair costs. The 19" CTB patching box, a compact rack installation solution, features a pullout tray that enhances accessibility during both installation and maintenance tasks. Additionally, our Universal Weather Protection (UWP) is available to shield RF connector systems from harsh weather, contamination, and corrosion. Its tool-free installation process ensures swift and efficient implementation, making it an indispensable component for PMNs.

Establishing optimised networks

Jumpers and hardware are pivotal in the success of PMNs. They must be reliable and robust to establish consistent network connections while remaining easy to install. 

HUBER+SUHNER, with its extensive mobile network experience, offers a portfolio of solutions tailored to enhance PMN performance. By choosing HUBER+SUHNER, businesses can achieve a resilient and reliable network, facilitating swift deployment and reaping the benefits of PMNs sooner.