VSFF connector - MDC: Save money and space with the new-era MDC connector

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Nesa Scopic

Product Manager

Every single centimeter of space used in a data center is a significant cost factor, waiting to be reduced. Optimising both, rack space and performance, is critical to meet growing data demands and maintain profitable services. Ushering in a new era of dual-fiber connectivity, the new VSFF (Very Small Form Factor) connectors from HUBER+SUHNER provide data center and central office customers with a high-density, space-saving and high performance connector, that addresses space restriction pressure in existing facilities.

Growing data rates of 200G, 400G and 800G are shifting the focus on data center environments the way we knew it. The new connector is designed to leave ample room to scale-up to meet future demands. Its dual fiber quality i.e. allows a three times higher port density than other connectors, such as the LC.


The MDC connector by US Conec works as additional solution to the existing LC-XD and MTP/MTO connectors. It is far more suitable for cases where the use of MTP/MTO is not accepted and where density, modularity and cleanliness are an issue that needs to be addressed. The VSFF connector offers a performance enhancing, reliable option which meets the CPR B2ca standards for very high fire safety.

The new VSFF connectors are complementary products to the current HUBER+SUHNER connector technologies such as the MTP/MTO and LC. Together, they round up the portfolio of connectors, cables, cords, which can be implemented alongside the existing range of data center solutions provided by HUBER+SUHNER.

HUBER+SUHNER assists in the design-in of the desired product that fits to minimize the time and resources, spent otherwise in engineering time on the customers side. Customers also benefit from a global footprint which means that global stock is available under one-house, on-demand and ready to go when scaling-up is the only option for growth.


The market is demanding space-saving connectors which are less sensitive to manipulation and dirt to maintain the high-performance needed to meet the demands of growing data rates. Due to its safe and well-known ferrule technology, the new connector does not allow dirt or dust on the surface which would affect the insertion loss as much as other connectors. It can be cleaned quickly and easily with simple standard equipment. This in general results in smaller losses of attenuation and better a return loss.

The connector’s ease-of-use qualities means that installation is also made faster, safer and easier without the need for a highly trained installer. Its plug-and-play design allows the connectors to be easily pulled in and out without snagging. Direct access to each individual channel also simplifies making links between different switches to save time. By reducing the need for additional tools and resources, the VSFF connectors help free up time and costs which can be spent elsewhere for revenue-driving services.


For data rates of 400G and beyond, there is an enormous cost pressure due to the limited space available resulting in the need for higher density. This requires connectors to have a higher robustness to deliver reliable connectivity. The high-density design of the VSFF connector offers maximum scalability to fulfil new requirements on demand, with improved density, simple installation, easy to use functionalities and optimal optical performance. It helps to optimise ownership and lifecycle costs leaving more capital and resources to invest in more revenue-driving efforts. Data centers will now be able to achieve more for less space, money and time, with greater performance as a result.