HUBER+SUHNER launches customisable 50 GHz high performance test assembly line with five times longer lifespan than any other solution

28.06.2019 - 10:00 (CET)

SUCOFLEX® 550S expands existing portfolio and provides a bespoke solution with an excellent price-performance ratio

As industry professionals look for test and measurement assemblies that are durable, accurate and long-lasting, HUBER+SUHNER today has launched its high-performing 50 GHz SUCOFLEX 550S microwave cable assembly – a customisable solution which provides the longest life-time currently available on the market.

Unlike other similar solutions, the SUCOFLEX 550S is available in tailored lengths with immediate availability for stock assemblies and a quick manufacturing turnaround on customised configurations. With a life-time of more than 100,000 flex cycles, the assembly is the latest addition to the SUCOFLEX 500 family and provides a range of outstanding benefits including a high electrical performance with an enhanced mechanical design for durability.

The patented rotary swaging technology by HUBER+SUHNER gives the SUCOFLEX 550S the flexibility of a stranded inner conductor while maintaining the electrical properties, such as low attenuation factor, of a solid inner conductor. A longer service life provides industry professionals with an assembly that offers less testing downtime and is more cost efficient.

The assembly is designed to withstand abrasion, pressure and moisture, making it the go-to assembly for customers looking for a precise and long-lasting connectivity solution. The SUCOFLEX 550S is perfectly suited for numerous test and measurement applications, including bench-top testing, high throughput RF production testing and for vector network analyser measurements up to 50 GHz.

“The new SUCOFLEX 550S provides our customers with an excellent price-performance ratio that cannot be found elsewhere in the market,” said Daniel Ulmer, Product Manager at HUBER+SUHNER. “Typically, cables with solid wires will break after a 10-20,000 flex cycles but the SUCOFLEX 550S has a life-time of more than 100,000 flex cycles. In addition, it addresses the challenge customers have previously faced in struggling to find customised assemblies with short delivery times. Historically, solutions come in standard lengths that are expensive with a long delivery wait, so we are thrilled to be able to offer 50 GHz SUCOFLEX 550S assemblies that are customisable with a short delivery time. Our SUCOFLEX 500 family of microwave cable assemblies have all been tested on a high level and are successfully used for test and measurement and high-speed digital applications.”

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