HUBER+SUHNER launches its smallest outdoor fiber optic connector for harsh environments

04.09.2020 - 9:00 (CET)

HUBER+SUHNER, a leading global supplier of optical connectivity solutions, has today launched its smallest ever outdoor fiber optic connector – the Q-ODC-2 Mini – to enable more cost-effective, flexible and higher capacity deployments of new wireless infrastructure in industrial and communication applications.

Featuring a compact design, this size-optimised connector reduces dimensions by 50% and weight by 40% when compared to the Q-ODC-2 outdoor connector from HUBER+SUHNER. These smaller proportions allow wireless infrastructure providers to access new locations and add more capacity to the network, reducing the cost per bit.

The Q-ODC-2 Mini also overcomes the challenge of high system sensitivity and increases reliability. This opens up new areas of application for fiber optics in a number of industries, such as wind energy, railway and shipbuilding.

The connector is waterproof, dust-proof and corrosion resistant and provides the maximum safety for outdoor installations. It features a robust push-pull coupling mechanism and an extension connector for cable chaining, making the solution fast and easy to install.

“As our smallest outdoor fiber optic connector to date, the Q-ODC-2 Mini addresses critical challenges in the planning, building and operation of new wireless infrastructure deployments by providing an affordable solution that is simple to install and takes up the minimum amount of physical space,” said Carsten Dieckmann, Product Manager at HUBER+SUHNER. “The product adds to our portfolio of fiber optic solutions that are suitable for complex applications with high data rates as network providers look to meet the demand for more capacity at a lower cost per bit.”

With cleaning and inspection equipment vital for outdoor connectors, two solutions are currently available on the market which can meet requirements in this area – US Conec IBC Brand Cleaner and Sumix’s inspection equipment the Manta-W+.

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