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Data center certified training (DCCT)

We provide a course to ensure the successful design, installation and maintenance of your HUBER+SUHNER equipment and solutions. The course also offers the specific expertise necessary to become a certified HUBER+SUHNER partner. 

The Data center certified training (DCCT) programme is for installers and system integrators who would like to consult, design and install HUBER+SUHNER solutions. In addition, the course is for customers who want to maximise the output and longevity of the HUBER+SUHNER solutions in their network.

Duration: one to three days, depending on the participants’ prior knowledge. 

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MPO knowledge sharing programme

The MPO (Multifiber Push-On) is one of the most widely used connectors in the data center environment. While this connector is already a well-known interface for some users, there is still a great demand on the market for more knowledge on its use. HUBER+SUHNER has therefore created the “MPO knowledge sharing programme”, aiming to familiarise its use to a broader group of users.

To kick-off this programme, we offer information on the following topics:

  • MPO connector
  • MPO adapter
  • MPO gender
  • MPO polarity

It is planned to regularly expand the programme and in this way build a comprehensive knowledge base.

MPO connector

MPO adapter

MPO gender

MPO polarity

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