A safe way to save weight

RADOX® OFL Instrumentation cable

A game-changing innovation in offshore cabling

The requirements in the offshore market have been becoming increasingly demanding in the last years. It affects engineering, installation and long-term operations. Improvements are needed to run operations more efficiently and with higher safety.The lifetime of a product must also contribute to a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to current standard solutions. RADOX® OFL instrumentation cable is the advanced solution to achieve this target and a safe way to save weight.

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Features & Benefits

  • Save weight and space

    Up to 63 % weight and space savings is the result of the light-weight cable design. This leads to a considerable saving of several hundred thousand of dollars in steel structural design.
  • Shortest installation time

    RADOX OFL cable is proven to save up to 60 % less stripping time compared to today’s offshore cables. This will significantly reduce installation time .
  • Highest flexibility

    The installation time is extremely dependent on the cable flexibility. RADOX OFL allows a bend of 3D whilst standard BFOU/RFOU have 6D. This leads to huge savings on installation time.
  • Reduce accessory costs

    As cable diameter is approx. half of standard cables, all accessories can be chosen smaller and therefore reduce cost and additional weight and space.
  • E-beam cross-linked sheath

    For maximum mechanical strength and extreme resistance to various weather conditions, the cable sheath is e-beam cross linked. As a result, even after 10 to 12 years, there is no brittle breakage.
  • Lifetime guarantee

    Due to the high-end RADOX OFL compound with 120°C sheath and 145°C core temperature, the cable lifetime is enhanced by factor 8 compared to standard 90°C offshore cables.

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