LISA - centralised cross-connects

LISA (Leading Interconnect System Approach) is a dedicated, high-density fiber management system commonly used as a centralised cross-connect in the Main Distribution Area (MDA) of large data centers. With a depth of 300 mm and full access from the front side, LISA racks can be positioned against unused walls at the end of cold aisles or back to back on a single floor tile. LISA racks have a maximum density of 3600 LCD ports per rack (100 cassettes with 36 ports each) or 7200 LCD ports per floor tile when placed back to back.

LISA differs from conventional 19" panels in that it is fully accessible from the front. This means that users can install, patch or remove LISA fiber cassettes simply by sliding them out, without having to access the rear of the cabinet. Patching to the LISA rack is fast and easy and a dedicated slack storage area for patch cords allows users to make "any-to-any" patching with only two lengths of patch cords.