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    SENCITY® Occhio

    SENCITY® Occhio

    SENCITY® Occhio MIMO DAS (Distributed Antenna System) or small cell antenna, offers the operator 5G coverage, a simple, time-saving installation process and an attractive industry preferred design with a small form factor. Thanks to its multiband capability between 1.7-6 GHz and 2x2/4x4 MIMO configurations it supports todays and future wireless applications.


    • 4x4 MIMO (2x2) 
    • Multiband capability between 1.7-6 GHz 
    • Smart connect-system with a self-locking adaptor and quick-lock feature
    • Small and sleek design


    • Antenna fulfils the multiple requirements of the 5G standard and equally meets current 4G applications
    • Simplified and efficient installation process, giving customers the ability to mount the antenna safely and securely 
    • Unique combination of stylish design and innovative engineering which appeals to both interior designers and architects as well as ensuring a discreet appearance


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