Discover the world of enclosures by HUBER+SUHNER AG. We specialize in a diverse range of enclosures, such as FTTA, HTTA, PTTA Boxes, and Optiboxes, to name just a few. Our enclosures are meticulously engineered to offer dependable solutions for a wide array of telecommunications and fiber optic network requirements. Explore our comprehensive selection and discover the ideal enclosure to safeguard and optimize your network infrastructure.

19" CTB Boxes

The 19" CTB Boxes Family offers unmatched versatility for your network infrastructure needs. With its adaptable design, efficient use of space, robust construction, scalability, and seamless integration, it's the ideal choice for a more efficient and resilient network setup. Elevate your network capabilities with the 19" CTB Boxes Family today.

IANOS® Family

HUBER+SUHNER's IANOS system offers flexible and cost-effective solutions for rapidly changing data center requirements. With its versatile connectivity options, IANOS accommodates all applications and data rates, minimizing costs, time, downtime, and seamlessly blending experience with future vision in a future-proof system.