Discover the world of enclosures by HUBER+SUHNER AG. We specialize in a diverse range of enclosures, such as FTTA, HTTA, PTTA Boxes, and Optiboxes, to name just a few. Our enclosures are meticulously engineered to offer dependable solutions for a wide array of telecommunications and fiber optic network requirements. Explore our comprehensive selection and discover the ideal enclosure to safeguard and optimize your network infrastructure.

19" CTB Boxes Family

The 19" CTB Boxes Family offers unmatched versatility for your network infrastructure needs. With its adaptable design, efficient use of space, robust construction, scalability, and seamless integration, it's the ideal choice for a more efficient and resilient network setup. Elevate your network capabilities with the 19" CTB Boxes Family today.

FTTA Boxes

Our range of FTTA boxes comes in three sizes-small, medium, and large, each tailored to accommodate different quantities of remote radio heads. These versatile boxes are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern communication networks, offering scalable solutions for seamless connectivity. Explore the FTTA Boxes Family and discover the perfect fit for your network's requirements.

HTTA Boxes

Our innovative HTTA enclosures seamlessly combine both fiber and power as a standard feature. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose between Circuit Breakers (CB), Surge Protection Devices (SPD), or a combination of both, allowing you to tailor the solution to your specific needs. These versatile boxes are available in a range of sizes, ensuring efficient and customizable connectivity for your network. Explore our selection to discover the perfect fit for your network's infrastructure requirements.


The MASTERLINE Flex Box (MLFB) is a versatile outdoor distribution enclosure designed to simplify outdoor deployments. It offers maximum planning flexibility and is suitable for various street furniture installations. Featuring an easy installation process with a guided interior layout and IP protection for optical fiber jumpers, it ensures hassle-free setup. Additionally, it includes integrated cable slack management for maximum convenience during maintenance or site upgrades. Trust in the MASTERLINE Flex Box for efficient outdoor deployment solutions.

MDR Boxes

The MDR II module is a splice / patch module, which fits perfectly on a standard 35mm DIN-Rail. These modules are usually located in a wall box or in a street cabinet. In substations and other densely networked systems, robust fiber optic loose tube cables are used to connect switch cabinets. HUBER+SUHNER offers new, particularly compact modules (DIN rail modules) for connecting the cables to the active devices in the cabinets.


Wall boxes serve as an interface between the service provider's optical access network (connection cables) and the internal "home network." A passive connection housing at the building entry point (BEP, Building Entry Point) is used for splicing, routing, or connecting optical fibers. HUBER+SUHNER's Optibox product family offers a comprehensive range of enclosures for various applications. From large buildings, such as multi-dwelling units (MDUs), to single-family homes with routing, splitting, and distribution capabilities, the Optibox family meets the most demanding applications. Our different types are:

  • Optibox 4

Overlength Box

A versatile solution designed for both outdoor and indoor installations. This innovative enclosure offers the capability to store up to 30 meters of excess cable length, depending on the cable diameter. Whether you need it on poles, walls, or in a 19" rack (1U), our overlength box is easily mountable and comes complete with fixing brackets, screws, a laser warning label

PTTA Boxes

Our diverse range of telecommunications enclosures includes three variants-designed for 3, 6, and 12 remote radio heads (RRH). These purpose-built boxes are available with both Circuit Breakers (CB) and Surge Protection Devices (SPD), catering to various power distribution and safety needs in modern communication networks. Explore the PTTA Boxes Family to find the ideal solution for efficiently powering and safeguarding your network's RRH infrastructure.