RADOX OFL Instrumentation cables


  RADOX OFL S 150/250V 1x2x0.75 (i) BU





  • Up to 63 % weight and size reduction
  • Wider operating temperature (-50°C to + 130°C)
  • Thin insulation wall
  • Small overall dimension
  • Small bending radius (3-4 x D for fixed installation and 5 – 6 x D for free movement)
  • Compact design
  • Smaller tolerances (+/- 0.3mm for the smaller cross-section cables)
  • Excellent mechanical, abrasion, chemical and heat resistant ruggedness
  • Media resistant (Mud, Oil, Acid, Fuel, etc) (Cat. c & d acc. NEK TS 606)
  • Small amount of smoke, halogen free


  • Offshore, Onshore, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Rafineries and Chemical
  • Fire and Flame Resistant applications