LISA splitter cassette LEFT, LC/APC SM, 2x1:16 PLC splitter





  • Cassette accessed from the front with side facing adapters with pull-out and hinge down function for maintenance
  • Pull-out service position for immediate access to adapters
  • Patch cords supported and guided into management system
  • Various connector types supported up to 18 x BFF / 36 x SFF
  • Design includes bend radius limitation, storage for 1.5m fiber with separation of incoming and pigtail fibers
  • Quick installation and easy handling without tools
  • Easy to understand labeling and highly visible port coding of cassette
  • Supplied with central splitter bridge for heat shrink and sandwich splice protectors for up to 36 fibers


  • LISA cassettes are side-facing connectivity “blocks” that are inserted into LISA chassis within high-density 300 mm racks