Bring high-precision, highly reliable, and long-lasting transceivers into your system

Find the right transceivers for your setup and trust that they will work in your system right away. Our robust portfolio of high-quality, highly reliable carrier-grade transceivers combined with our deep expertise in transceiver coding, offers you the advantages you need to efficiently expand and maintain your network.​

​Transceivers are the data transmission interfaces between almost all elements of a network, making them a crucial part of any system. Because of this, it is essential that transceivers are reliable and work perfectly in the equipment. ​

Work with a large and stable multinational company

  • Fiber optic pioneer​

    Large and versatile product portfolio​
  • Global supply chain​

    Extensive network for on-time delivery
  • World-class support​

    Global engineering, manufacturing and sales teams​

Gain peace of mind deploying new transceivers into your system​

At HUBER+SUHNER, we are experts in transceivers from the inside out. We manufacture the high-precision optical components that are built into state-of-the-art transceivers. ​

  • Manufacturing

    Expert knowledge from inhouse development​

  • Innovation

    Actively developing next-next generation transceivers ​
  • High-precision optical components​

    Smallest design with the lowest energy consumption​

Shaping the future of transceivers

As a trusted partner to many major transceiver manufacturers, we play an active part in the development of the next-next generation of transceivers. This enables us to proactively keep you up to date and support you to plan for future opportunities.​

Quality assurance​

Quality assurance​

The close collaboration and relationship with transceiver manufacturers also enable an exceptional transceiver quality assurance program that ensures each transceiver meeting the highest possible quality standard. ​


Additionally, our 10+ years of coding expertise provides an excellent transceiver compatibility with more than 50 brands.​


Our local teams are standing by to support you in selecting the right transceiver for your needs. And our global service teams support you for any questions and issues. ​

Visit our new transceiver explorer

Visit our new transceiver explorer

View our comprehensive portfolio of transceivers today.​


We make transceivers work

  • Exceptional quality assurance program


     Incoming, and outgoing quality controls based on ANSI standards

  • Robust line-up of carrier-grade transceivers

    Comprehensive product range from 1G to 400G featuring all form factors, protocols, CWDM/DWDM, tunables, transport media and power budget as well as special functionalities

  • Extensive compatibility and coding experience

    Supporting coding for over 50 brands for new and old transceivers as well as customer-specific requirements

  • Single long-term sourcing


    .Proven track record of long-term relationships with large network operators​

  • Deep insight into future technologies

    HUBER+SUHNER plays an active role in the development of next-next generation transceivers

  • Global network

    Expert support available through support centers located around the world​

Visit our new transceiver explorer​

Visit our new transceiver explorer​

View our comprehensive portfolio of transceivers today.​