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Street cabinet solutions

Street cabinets are metal or plastic housings placed above ground often on pedestrian pathways. They enable a relatively easy and rapid access to fiber circuits and can handle large fiber capacities. In many ways, they can offer ODF type of flexibility. Street cabinets are often used to terminate larger feeder cables and manage distribution cabling including microducts for blown fiber and/or subscriber drop connections.

Street cabinets also store splitter devices in PON architectures and allow flexible splicing and/or patching for customer-dedicated fibers. Very often they also house active equipment to support Vectoring and G.fast services over copper. Street cabinets need to be secure and strongly built to withstand vandal attacks and traffic accidents.

Street cabinets - smart cabins

Street cabinets - smart cabins

The Smart cabin series is developed and manufactured with the German market leader SICHERT GmbH. SICHERT outdoor enclosures made of glass fiber-reinforced polycarbonate meet the highest standards and have been used successfully for decades. With more than 180 000 outdoor enclosures installed in Germany alone, SICHERT counts among the leading providers and specialists in the outdoor enclosure housing technology sector. HUBER+SUHNER is your partner for safe and reliable FTTx networks. The experience we have gained in the central office area of the network has been integrated into our street cabinet offering .


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